Grow your practice with the Digital Denture system

About Us.


Ivory Digital Denture developed a revolutionary new method for fitting and fabricating dentures.

Dentists and denturists have been creating dentures in the same way for many years. It is a long and difficult process that takes on average 5 patient visits, laborious measuring and adjusting.

Ivory Digital Denture’s proprietary methodology leverages recent developments in 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to change the way dentures are designed and built. The process has 3 stages:

1. Scan the face and mouth with 3D scanners
2. Design the denture for perfect fit
3. Build the denture through 3D printing

Using this process a practitioner can:
* Save time – by having fewer meetings
* Save headaches – with close to perfect fit the first time
* Earn more – by servicing more patients per year!

It is a much more comfortable experience for the patient.


Ivory Digital Denture is a product of Novel Technologies Inc.



Product Development Credits

Shlomo Sharer – Product Designer
Rami Yankelov – Lead 3D Software Developer & Integrator
Gottfried Hofmann – Lead 3D Software Developer
Owen Devine – Sofware Developer
Eyal Katz – Software Developer
Gil Katz – Interface Designer


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