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Our Team.

We are denturists working to improve denture-making for everyone.


Shlomo Sharer M.Sc., DD

Director – Project Development

Shlomo is the founder of Novel Technologies and is the Product developer of the Ivory Digital Denture System.  Shlomo  graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master of Sciences in 1992.  He has authored several articles on his medical research which are published in scientific journals.  Shlomo later obtained his denturist accreditation at George Brown College, in 1996.  He is a member of the College of Denturists of Ontario and the Denturists’ Association of Ontario and Cananda. With his combined scientific background and his more than 20 years of practice experience, Shlomo recognized the need for improvement of the denture treatment process.  With the emergence of the scanning, computer design, and 3D printing technologies, Shlomo saw the opportunities to apply those developments to the denture process.  The result is the birth of the  Ivory Digital Denture System.  The system is due to be rolled out in early 2017, and is promising to change the face of denturism.

Renzo Zanin

Director of Operations

Renzo Zanin is the Director of Operations of Ivory Digital Denture. Renzo graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) in Caracas, Venezuela with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. His thesis “Calculating the De Rham Cohomology of Closed Orientable Two-Manifolds” received Honorable Mention for its depth in differential topology concepts. He was immediately hired as Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics at the UCV where he was also part of the organizing committee of the Geometry and Topology Group.

Renzo is also an experienced 3D modeller with deep knowledge of several 3D modelling software tools including Zbrush, Maya, and Meshlabs.

In  June 2017, Renzo joined  the Ivory Digital Denture project as a 3D modeller. He is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations, ensuring work objectives remain on-time and on-budget He coordinates the development team and communicates with clients, third-party resources and upper management.

Elias Barroeta

Software Developer

Elias Barroeta graduated first of his class as an  Electronics and Computer Engineer in 2017 at Yacambu University in Barquisimeto Venezuela.

Before discovering his passion for programming, he studied physics at Simon Bolivar University in Caracas. His studies concentrated on math, algebra, geometry, physics while   exploring languages, culture, philosophy, entrepreneurship and programming.

After falling in love with computers and technology he took the path of engineering, focusing on software development. During his time at Yacambu university he worked on many projects involving digital electronics, robotics, programing and software design.

In 2015 he joined HyperBerry Games, the team behind the game “Otem’s Defiance”, working as game developer where he modeled  the behavior patterns of the non player characters of the game. After graduating, he worked at Galac Software as programmer and back-end web developer for the “Galac Movil” project.

At the start of 2018 he joined the project “Ivory Digital Denture” as Unity Developer working on the user interface of the software with a mandate to provide  the user with an excellent user experience.

Alberto Rodríguez Fernández

Computer Engineer

Alberto Rodríguez is a Computer Engineer from Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela. His studies concentrated on video game development,  artificial intelligence, algorithm design and computer graphics. His thesis, “Design of a path planner algorithm for cooperative robotic agents”, received  an honorable mention. Alberto traveled to Europe where he  pursued a Master’s Degree in game design/software development at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Immediately following graduation,  he was hired as an Unity 3D developer for Quizlyze (Barcelona).  This was followed by a a position in Madrid as a Game Designer for the mobile giant, Gameloft.

Recently Alberto started working with Novel Technologies as a full time Unity Developer. He focuses on algorithms that involve complex mesh manipulations as well as  code optimization and reliability..


Alon Green

Hardware Integration

M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. Major (Res.) At the Israeli Air Force. Overy 25 years experience in complex engineering projects including Avionics systems and Signalling systems. Proven record in specification, design, integration and deployment.


Gottfried Hofmann, Dipl.CS.

3D Software

Gottfried Hofmann graduated from Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg with a Diploma in Computer Sciences in 2012. He is the founder of and provides consulting, development and training for the 3D software Blender. He has authored various articles which where published in professional journals and is co-author of The Cycles Encylclopedia, a reference book on the Cycles render engine. He has done presentations and workshops at FMX, Blender Conference and Libre Graphics Meeting.

Frederik Steinmetz

3D Artist and Coder

Frederik Steinmetz graduated from the Free University of Berlin with an M.Sc. in biology. He has been a
3D artist since 2009 and a coder since 2011. He is highly active in the Blender open source community
and co-wrote the Cycles Encyclopedia which focuses on unbiased rendering with the path tracer Cycles.
Additionally he holds tutorials, mainly for, but has also taught Blender in schools,
events like the Campus Party and others. His preferred scripting languages are Python and C#. He
provides the important link between static and real-time CG content.


Liat Ben-Senior

Marketing & Social Media

Ms. Ben-Senior holds an MBA and M.Sc in Human Genetics from the Sackler School of Medicine of Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Ms. Ben-Senior has over 15 years experience in Marketing and Digital Marketing for the Biotech and Life Sciences industry. Her management background includes business development and commercialization of early stage medical Devices, Cellular, and small molecule therapies development. Her scientific background includes immunology and molecular biology research, both in academia as well as in industry. Ms. Ben Senior joined Ivory Denture Digital’s team as the Digital Marketing Manager.


Gil Katz, Hon.B.Sc.


Gil supports the operations of Ivory Digital Denture including design, marketing, recruiting and project management. Gil graduated from the University of Toronto in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and it’s Applications to Interactive Media Design. He co-founded Giant Step, an award-winning digital media company, specializing in the production of software applications and digital marketing. Since 2003 Gil produced dozens of web/mobile applications and integrated marketing campaigns for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


Eyal Katz, B.Sc.


Eyal leads the product development team by integrating software modules and refining the user interface of the Ivory Digital Denture System. Eyal graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Software Engineering) in 1999. He co-founded Giant Step, an award-winning digital media company, specializing in the production of software applications and digital marketing. Since 2003 Eyal produced dozens of web/mobile applications, integrated campaigns, and database systems for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


Joseph Della Marina DD,LD

Chairman, Board of Advisors

Panfilo Joseph Della Marina DD, LD, is a graduate of the George Brown Denturist program 1996 and an Ivoclar BPS certified denturist 2004. Joseph has lectured for the NDA (National Denturist Association of America), MLDA (Maine licensed denturist association), Manitoba Denturist association, International Federation of Denturists (IFD) World Symposium, DISC (Denturism Implant Study Club, as well as various dental manufactures and suppliers. Joseph served as an instructor and lecturer for the denturist program at George Brown College for nine years (2002-2011) as well as serving on the denturist program advisory board committee. He has also instructed and lectured as an IDEC instructor throughout England and the United States on various topics such as full and partial denture construction and theory, dental implants and practice management, where he also served as an IDEC examiner. Joseph is a member of the Denturist Association of Canada and Denturist Association of Ontario since 1996. Joseph is also a licensed Denturist in the State of Maine, and a member of the National Denturist Association of America. He currently works with three dentists and a periodontist and is one of the inaugural members of the Denturist Examiners Group which conducts licensing exams for entry to practice in various States throughout America. Joseph is also a council member for the College of Denturists of Ontario and former member of the CAC (Curriculum Advisory Committee) charged with the accreditation of Canadian Schools of Denturism to ensure the highest quality curriculum. Joseph is also chairman of the board for the Ivory digital denture system in an advisory role. The majority of his practice consists of implant prosthetics and working with those who place dental implants. Joseph is a member of the advisory board for Spectrum Denturism Magazine and is also Internationally published author in denturism.


Serghei Ischenco, DD

Advisory Board

Prior to graduating with Honours from George Brown College, Toronto in 2009 and obtaining his denturist license in 2010, Serghei Ischenco, DD completed three years of Technical University of Moldova where he studied Computer Engineering and Automatic Systems. His move to Canada and a switch in career caused him to fall in love with the Denturist profession where he could combine three things he enjoys the most – medical field where he helps patients, precision work that requires high manual dexterity and application of the engineering approach that helps to solve the most complicated tasks.

Serghei currently runs two busy denturist practices  and is an active member of The Denturist Association of Ontario,The Denturist Association of Canada and the Nobel Biocare Implant Study Club. He is a great believer in the blend of time-proven techniques and new advancements in technology. Things such as CAD/CAM dental prosthetics and other aspects of digital dentistry became something he uses in his practice on a daily basis. Serghei enjoys spending a lot of time improving his knowledge during numerous continuing education courses in Canada and abroad, while keeping the balance between private practice, travel and busy family life.


Gary Sallaway, DD,RD

Advisory Board

Gary graduated from the Denturism Program at George Brown College in Toronto in 1997.  After operating two highly successful denture clinics in Ontario for eleven years, Gary jumped at the opportunity for new challenges and moved to British Columbia where he associated with one of the provinces’ most highly regarded clinics. Currently the President of the Denturist Association of British Columbia as well as a member of the Denturist Association of Canada’s Advertising Committee and Insurance Committee.

With a long standing commitment to continual educational upgrading, Gary took it upon himself to become the Corporate Liaison within the Denturist Association of BC, which has lead to incredible growth of the BC Convention and Educational Seminars. This has in turn allowed inner access to some very intelligent individuals within the dental fields. This drive has lead to the desire to be involved in driving the Denturism movement towards the exciting wave of digital denture creation that is positioned to reshape the profession in the upcoming years.

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