How Does It

Step 1:

During the consultation, the practitioner will take scans of your face followed by scans of the impressions. Our scanners have a margin of error smaller than the thickness of a human hair, ensuring a perfect fit. Every time.

Step 2:

Our software allows for expert input, taking into account design choices and aesthetic preferences based on the scans of your face, while allowing to accurately predict the end result.

Step 3:

Upon approval of the design of your denture and collection of payment, the design is sent to the 3D printer. 3D printing drastically reduces the amount of time needed to fabricate dentures while ensuring that the results perfectly match the design. Following a short post-processing and polishing, the dentures are inserted and you can leave with a new smile!

Benefits of

  • Less appointments
  • High accuracy, perfect fit
  • Extremely durable dentures
  • Patient assisted appearance
  • No outsourcing, therefore no contamination of external sources

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