Why we do this:

178 million people in the industrial world are missing some or all of their teeth (World Health Organization)

Our Team

Shlomo Sharer


Renzo A. Zanin

Director of Operations

Renzo G. Zanin

Operations Manager, Venezuela

Benjamin Sharer

Operations Manager

Erissa Sliwinski

Sales Associate

Jessica Mazzaferro

Sales Associate

Alberto Rodriguez

Senior Software Developer

Elias Barroeta

Senior Software Developer

Sergio Barrios

Software Developer

Carlos Aponte

Software Developer

Carlos Noguera

Software Developer

Virginia Gil

Software Developer


Director of Smiles


Ivory Digital Denture is an inclusive work environment that gives all employees the opportunity to grow within the company. The employees of Ivory digital denture work as a collective team despite departmental boundaries in order to achieve Ivory’s end goals.

Please review all open positions below and submit your cover letter and resume to careers@ivorydigitaldenture.com with the subject line consisting of the position you are applying for.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Ivory Digital Denture takes pride in the role it takes to protect our planet. The Ivory workflow circumvents many of the harmful processes found in the traditional method for producing dentures.

By utilizing 3D printing, there is virtually no material waste produced. There is no need to use monomer and polymer which are very harmful to the environment. Lastly, since the full process is being completed within the practice with only one appointment, there is a drastic reduction in the carbon footprint as patients only have to travel to the clinic once and there is no need to send the biological materials to a lab which takes time and adds to the carbon footprint.


One of Ivory’s objectives is to install numerous systems in developing countries. There is currently an abundance of individuals lacking teeth who require dentures in impoverished communities. Not having teeth leads to further health conditions. Ivory wants to make a difference by reducing that complication with the installation of the system in diverse areas.